Tintin the sceptre of Ottokar 1942

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The Ottokar Sceptre in the first edition of the so-called “big picture” edition featuring on an unpublished cover, published at homeCasterman October 1942.
Pellior red back
4th flat A18
Dark blue guard pages
Edition in black and white with 4 colored off-text
107 numbered pages.
20th thousand (drawing 5000 copies)
Symbol for a simple good condition (presenting several imperfections, rubbing and dirt on pressed dishes, etc.): 5000€.
The BDM rating is established for good condition without more. The very good states can triple the odds, the states close to the nine quintupler; the nine state of printing is to collect it.

This Black and White edition is known almost always absent from the collections, since this album was only produced in 1942 at .000 copies, instead of the previous prints called "Small-Painted Image".

Casterman has wanted to modernize its collection of Black and White album, and it is the result that the two most mythical albums of this period of war are these two albums called "Great Image, Unpublished Cover": « Sceptre, shot at 5,000 copies, and the famous « Cigares » shoots at 4,000 copies.

This copy comes from an important old collection, and it has benefited from the high quality as they were realized 20 years ago: color retouches and repairs to improve the appearance of the book..., but not to deceive the collector...

We can therefore see that these are identical color retouches that have been very cleanly added to the book round, with yellow ochre and grey color mainly for the first dish. The lower right corner has been reconstituted to the identical, with thick paper paste to finish giving a very nice aspect to the book.

The bottom corner of the last dish was also restored cleanly, to hide a former crushing and rubbing.The red hairs of the book also benefited from a restoration to the identical. Also note that a page has a lower corner absent on 1.5 cm, and was added with identical paper.

No big claws on this superb cover, known to all collectors.

Well homogeneous books: the thickness of the book is barely 1 centimetre.

Note here and there a very nice repair of the tears at the bottom of the pages, which occurred almost inevitably, following the fragility of this thin paper, which was used during the war, by the printer Casterman.

However, this is one of the few albums that are almost systematically absent from the collections. It will allow its new owner to connect this adventure as in 1942.


Ideal set to enhance a beautiful collection.

Rarissime edition “big picture” from 1942 to high, all the more rare, sought and rated in this state of freshness of the dishes.

Recommended and insured.


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Tintin the sceptre of Ottokar 1942

Tintin the sceptre of Ottokar 1942