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4th cover of Papirus / Gieter

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Born September 4, 1932 in Etterbeek (municipality of Brussels), Lucien De Gieter the study of fine art in Saint-Luc, before working successively in the company to build a store as a decorator at the Exhibition of 1958, and then as a designer design.

He debuted in comics as a writer, mini stories for SPIROU in 1961, and then runs in this form, his first comic book series called "Pony" tells of his misadventures as a charming cowboy. He is working with drawing Peyo "Smurfs" and provides for a resumption of mini-gags her cat "Poussy". But it is with "Tooot and Well", the young fisherman nippon and siren, it provides the full reputation of the author.

In 1974, the first Board "Papyrus" see SPIROU. This Egyptian Saga quickly turns into a classic, the success of which even allows its author to visit finally, long and multiple times a country that inspires. Called " the developer "the wonderful adventures of Papyrus", these albums tell the hardships of a young fisherman, Papyrus, and Princess Théti-Honey, Pharaoh's daughter Merenptha, replenishment is more accurate of ancient Egypt (Nineteenth dynasty).

Thorough documentation of this series will serve as a guide for many teachers of history and create while calling Egyptologist young readers. The character and his universe see now proceeded on cartoons, books and illustrations for young people and electronic devices. © Dupuis


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4th cover of Papirus / Gieter

4th cover of Papirus / Gieter