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What about our Loyalty Program, Multi-level Sponsorship, Affiliation, Facebook ...?

We have installed a module that includes a unique account system, a loyalty program, a referral / affiliation program, and a rewards system for Facebook users who click on "Like".
"Reward Account"

Principle: The user earns rewards for his actions on the site (purchases, sponsorships ...), and this accumulates in a single account. When he wishes, he uses his rewards to select one of the gift products we offer.
Loyalty program

Principle: The user earns a reward based on his purchases. The amount of the theoretical reward is displayed on the product sheet and in the basket summary.
Sponsorship Program / Affiliation

Principle: The user invites his friends to discover the site. They register on the shop and eventually receive a gift voucher valid on the site. When placing an order on the site and that it will be validated, the sponsor will receive his reward. Multi-level sponsorship is possible, and a reward can be awarded for all referrals, not just for the first one.
The sponsor can also be rewarded independently for the registration of his godchildren, without them having to place an order.
Facebook reward "I like"

Principle: We encourage our users to join our Facebook community by clicking "Like" by offering them a small reward.