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Evaluations & Commentaires

1.Can I leave a comment on a Product?

Yes, especially if

  1. You have a doubt about the authenticity of a product that is for sale.
  2. To complete the product information.
  3. To correct erroneous information
  4. To show that you value this product
  5. For an interesting and constructive comment

No for

  1. To say that the price is too expensive ... the seller is free to choose his selling price
  2. To insult and say unpleasant things that have nothing to do with the sale of this product
2.Can I leave an opinion on a seller?

If evaluations are not mandatory, we encourage our users to leave an evaluation after each purchase. In order to gradually build the reputation of the sellers. Even if we wish a maximum of sellers, we will never keep on the site a seller with bad evaluations. We chose to take secure PayPal payment. Independent of our commercial approach, PayPal will offer our Internet users a perfect guarantee and a rigorous control of financial flows.