We have installed a module that includes the system, a loyalty program, a referral program/affiliate program and a system of rewards for users who click on "like" from Facebook.



"Through The Awards"

Principle the user wins awards for their actions on the website (purchase, referrals...), and this is accumulated in one account. When he wants, he uses his rewards to choose products, gifts that we offer.


Loyalty program

Principle the user receives a reward depending on his purchase. The theoretical amount of remuneration is displayed on the product page and view cart.


Referral program / Affiliate program

Principle the user invites his friends to open the website. They fit in the store and get good gifts valid on the website. When they are gone, the order online and it will be fixed, the referrer will receive their reward. Sponsorship on several levels, perhaps the reward may be appointed for any purchase referrals and not just for the first.

The godfather can also be rewarded, regardless of registration of the referrals, without which they were not to pass team.


Award Facebook "like"

Principle : We encourage our users to join our Facebook community by clicking on the "like" button, offering a small reward.