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Our company

Another way to sell or buy a DB on a clean alternative for participants in this market.

January 2018 would be a great time to begin your site, in the eve of the festival of Angouleme, we will have the opportunity to meet with many professionals in the business to know how best the concept that protects Linkiwin©.

  • The only website dedicated to cartoon
  • Market Place / direct Sales and Auctions
  • Trade with market professionals

Our team


Our young team ...

Andrew, Juliet, mark, Rafael, Alena and Anna have joined us over the past few months to help us complete this ambitious project, all the comic lovers and new technologies.


We work best to meet the needs of customers and make Linkiwin© mandatory in this market.

Team Linkiwin

Number hall, auctions, marketing database, and from this point shows that the market had huge potential, but there remains much room for freshman, where the other alternatives, the Internet and noise a little market, so it's the perfect time to start our project.

Alex Commans